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Play therapy is the use of play as a communication tool to help children express their feelings and deal with their emotions. Children aged 4 - 11 will be offered the chance to work with art, sand, puppets, role play and creative stories to help in the process of looking at their feelings.

Play is a child’s natural medium of self-expression and is essential for healthy development. The therapist accepts the child as they are and reflects back on what she sees so the child can gain insight. The child leads and the therapist follows. The therapist maintains the safety of the time and space but has as few limits as possible. This allows the child to look at events and feelings that may be too difficult to face and to work through them. This can then result in positive changes in behaviour.

Play Therapy is not a quick fix but patience and support from parents can produce significant change. Regular attendance for 8-10 weeks is the best way to gain the most benefit.

Older Children Counselling

Youth Counselling is proven to be effective in helping older children aged 10-18 deal with their emotions, explore issues and gain support when experiencing distress. Sessions are held weekly and last for 50 minutes. 

We receive referrals from parents, GPs, schools, other professionals and self-referrals. A referral can be made by telephone or by completing our online Referral Form.

The service provided is confidential and information disclosed in the sessions will not be shared with parents or professionals without the child's consent. However, we do adhere to the Local Safeguarding Board and report any issues relating to the risk of harm to the child or to others.

The Play Therapists are members of PTUK and adhere to the Play Therapy UK code of Conduct. And the counsellors are members of and adhere to the BACP Code of Conduct.

For further information or to make a referral please download or complete our online referral form.

Please note that at this time the wait list for play therapy is 9 months. 

Thank you for your work with my child given him a place where he feels confident and accepted for who he is.”  JL, Parent

“As a family, we wanted to say a very sincere THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

For all your help, support and advice!”  J,G&D

“We think many of us today underestimate the power of a smiling face, a kind word, a listening ear and a simple honest compliment. Thank you for supplying my child with all of these!” AL, Parent

“I really like it here, I don’t want to go yet, can I stay and play for a little longer please?” Child LT

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