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Lighthouse Counselling have been working closely with members of the community affected by addiction since 2008. In the last 12 months we have been able to offer support and counselling to over 50 addicts and their families, with a number of addicts being placed into long term rehabilitation programmes.

We have worked not only to get addicts clean but to support them to remain clean through long term follow-up support. The results have been dramatic, with many people completely turning their lives around. We have seen people break an ongoing cycle of crime to support their habit, people become reunited with their families after years of separation, and able to rejoin society and even go back to work after years without hope.

We are also receiving positive feedback from clients’ families, who have previously struggled to get support for the family member in need, as well as police and probation officers who have been surprised by positive changes made by clients with our support.

We are also fully aware of the need for this service to be continued and extended. It is our hope to bring hope to this overlooked and neglected group of people, to continue to transform lives for the better.

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